Report: Sustainable Asset Management

Financing the future of real estate and manufacturing in the UAE

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Today’s investors are increasingly seeking opportunities that contribute to sustainable development. This shift in perspective recognises that sustainable investments not only align with societal values but also contribute to long-term financial performance and risk mitigation.

In the Middle East, where environmental concerns such as water scarcity and climate change are prominent, considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment decisions becomes crucial for risk management.

This convergence of global trends, investor preferences and increased awareness of ESG factors is propelling sustainable asset management into the mainstream.

On their part, asset managers can contribute to a more sustainable and responsible financial landscape through ESG integration, impact investing, Islamic finance and sustainable investments.

Financial tools that align investor interests with sustainable outcomes will be integral in driving adoption.

Continued innovation in financial instruments such as green bonds, social impact bonds and sustainability-linked finance is another way to further these objectives.

It then lies with the governments and regulatory bodies to implement policies that encourage or mandate the integration of ESG considerations in financial decisions. This includes disclosure requirements and sustainable finance regulations.

These issues were at the core of debate at an exclusive, invite-only forum on 7 December hosted by Mashreq Al Islami in association with MEED. During the event, attendees discussed the challenges and opportunities in managing assets sustainably, with a particular emphasis on the real estate and manufacturing sectors in the UAE.

The one-day forum saw insightful discussions led by a panel of industry experts and case studies from regional technology vendors at the forefront of driving sustainable practices. This report captures high-level insights from the subject experts and key stakeholders at the event. 

20 February, 2024 | .By Sarah Rizvi